About Me


Talib Visram is a freelance multimedia journalist, born and raised in London but based in New York. With an MA in Business Journalism, he focuses on business coverage, but is experienced as a general reporter. Most recently, he spent five years as a Staff Writer at Fast Company, covering the social and environmental impact of business for both digital and print. Writing aside, he's hosted one of Fast Company's signature podcasts, been an on-screen presenter for various video series, and is an enthusiastic panel moderator. He's had stints at CNNBusiness and Inc. Magazine, and has written for publications including The Atlantic, Men's Health, The Daily Beast, NBC News, and Vice. He has a background in content marketing, from which he has a firm grasp of SEO, social media engagement, copy editing, newsletter A/B testing, and digital analytics.

Résumé Highlights

Business journalist most recently covering the intersection between business and social/environmental impact. Reporting spanned various areas including politics and policy, the economy, culture, tech, sports, food, transportation, and travel

Coverage topics have included: Climate, sustainability and ESG; food tech; democracy and elections; racial equity and justice; economic reform and capitalism; immigration; gun violence; accessibility; the pandemic and public health

Interview all sources with the same level of ease and professionalism—from "ordinary" people experiencing student loan debt, and newly landed refugees, to business executives and celebrities

High-profile interviewees have included Hillary Clinton, Roger Federer, Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne, Ben McKenzie; chefs like Tom Keller and Wolfgang Puck; U.S. senators and representatives; CEOs and executives of major companies including General Motors, Delta Air Lines, Amtrak, PepsiCo, Beyond Meat, and Match Group; world-renowned academics, analysts, and economists; accomplished activists like the founders of Black Lives Matter and March For Our Lives

Master of Arts in Journalism, with a focus on business

Write quick-turnaround news stories, features, profiles, first-person reported essays, tick-tocks, book reviews, explainers on complex concepts and policies

Publications include Fast Company, CNNBusiness, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Inc. Magazine, NBC News, Men's Health, Vice

Work is consistently cited in books, academic studies and reports, court briefs,  congressional testimonies

Serve as a judge for annual award lists, such as Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies, and for competitions like Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

Experienced on-screen video presenter and podcast host, and live event moderator

Media appearances include NPR, Cheddar News, Apple News podcast

2022 IFILL Fellow (in memory of Gwen Ifill) at the 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival

Background in content marketing and copy editing; experience in SEO, social media engagement, fact checking, newsletter A/B testing, digital analytics

Leadership experience from managing a content team in London